See you way up north or way down south, or way west?

The next big thing for the Mountain Drifters is our upcoming tour of Scotland and England. We’ll be starting way up in Rosehall in the Highlands on May 24, and then hanging around over that weekend to play at the second Arisaig Americana Music Festival. Working our way all the way down to London with some shows and then back to western Wales for the Fire In The Mountain Festival. Hope to see you along the way! 

  • Rosehall Village Hall à Brae Scotland - 5/24 
  • Arisaig Americana Music Fest à Scotland - 5/25 
  • Workshops - Edinburgh -  5/27
  • House Concert - Edinburgh - 5/28
  • The Vic à Menai Bridge Wales - 5/29 
  • St Mary’s Music Hall à Walthamstow Eng - 5/30 
  • Fire on the Mountain à Aberystwyth Wales - 5/31 
  • The Pound Arts Centre à Corsham England -  6/1

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