Brand new Mountain Drifters! CLOSING THE GAP - is now AVAILABLE

"Closing The Gap" is a snapshot of the Mountain Drifters after a period of intense touring, of learning each other’s “isms” and instincts, and as a result slowly developing our collective “isms” and instincts as a unit. This album is MMD in our natural and instinctual state of BEING; raw, playful and free, the way the music is meant to be. The music is hopeful and optimistic and comes from the heart, and so we start the story off with this: “There’s a bright side somewhere, ain’t gonna rest until I find it,” . And we look at the world all around us, and that thought continues to resonate, The title track Allison de Groot's “Closing the Gap”  feels like a race. Each note tries to catch up with the next, narrowing the gap and steadily propelling the tune from one section to the next. . . 

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